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Check out our own Craig Spilker on the Bar Napkin Business Podcast

Posted by AMPT Editorial Staff on Jul 27, 2017 12:33:39 PM

Every once in a while people notice the cool stuff AMPT is doing in the employee workplace field and that's why we're excited to show off the latest episode of the Bar Napkin Business podcast where our very own, Craig Spilker was a guest.

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Three Simple Ways To Create More Work-Life Balance

Posted by Giavanna Whitney on Jul 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Working for a startup company can be taxing (just like any company). There’s always a lot of pressure to get the next contract signed, keep the paychecks flowing, and consistently generate innovative ideas. Someone is always coming up with the next great idea and competition is always knocking on your door.

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Creating culture in the social media free era

Posted by Giavanna Whitney on Jun 6, 2017 9:15:00 AM

Let’s flashback to a time when social media didn’t exist, a time when the internet was just starting out and a new concept to most everyone.

Would you know how to create innovative and positive culture in that type of work environment?

As a 20-something millennial, I couldn’t imagine trying to create a company or company culture in a social media free world. So, I took a lesson from an expert, Mr. Blake Whitney, co-founder and first president of WebMD.

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Creating a Rockstar Culture with Attitude and Skill

Posted by Giavanna Whitney on May 30, 2017 11:30:45 AM


In order to create that rock star culture every company is itching for, you need a healthy balance of two things: attitude and skill. When it comes to company culture it’s never one or the other. Think of it as a relationship, it’s 50/50.

50% skill and 50% attitude.

When it comes to skill, employers need to make sure that they’re hiring employees that have the skills that they’re looking for but also have the right mindset.

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Solving the Employee Engagement Crisis

Posted by Shannon Wooten on Apr 25, 2017 10:08:00 AM
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Take the time to care

Posted by Patrick Jackman on Apr 24, 2017 7:05:37 PM


EDITOR'S NOTE: Guest blogger, Patrick Jackman is the Chief Operating Officer at Together Clinic, a digital health startup focused on proactive patient monitoring and chronic care management. For more information, please feel free to check out www.togetherclinic.comor head over to their blog at

Every day, we are tasked with hundreds of things to do. From work to family to friends and to hobbies, it’s certainly easy to feel like there isn’t enough time to give everything ample attention. Yet, it’s something that we all wish we could do.

How can we begin to manage it all? That answer is simple: focus on what matters most.  

However, ascertaining what matters is much easier said than done.

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This 5 second attitude shift will make your day.

Posted by Giavanna Whitney on Apr 20, 2017 2:41:58 PM

I woke up this morning and had a feeling that it was going to be a bad day. It’s gloomy, gray, and chilly out. The sun isn’t shining. The birds aren’t chirping. The coffee isn’t strong enough.

I’m sure you can imagine my frustration when I got to the front door of the office at 8:58 this morning and I had to face the fact that I was no longer curled up in my warm bed. UGH.

I felt like I had the typical lazy college kid mentality: Can I just work from my bed, please? (more like Netflix in bed). I walked into the office with a negative attitude, I felt unmotivated and annoyed.

That was until I opened the door and stepped inside.

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I learned these three hard truths about managing others in a large company

Posted by Craig Spilker on Apr 6, 2017 10:02:45 AM

I worked at a very large, internationally held insurance company when I was 25.  When I say "very large", it fits the description of large company by our U.S. Census Bureau.  So large, in fact, I would regularly get lost.....on my own floor.

There are many benefits to working for a large company.  Many.  There are also many detractors from working for a large company.  Many. 


But it wasn't until I was promoted to supervisor that I realized what the real differences were at a company of that size.  They were felt immediately and none was more evident than my very first day as supervisor.

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Why Recognition Matters Infographic

Posted by Shannon Wooten on Mar 24, 2017 9:13:22 AM

Lack of recognition is one of the largest drivers of poor engagement scores.  In fact, according to Gallup, employees who aren't regularly recognized, are twice as likely to leave their current positions in the next year.

That's why we took the time to ask our valued AMPT users what impact recognition on our platform is having in their workplaces.  The results are below in our most recent Infographic.

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Why you're Spending your Employee Engagement Dollars all Wrong

Posted by Craig Spilker on Mar 23, 2017 8:55:00 AM

I genuinely had a spit take this morning when I read the most recent research done by Bersin & Associates about how much is spent on engaging employees in the workplace.

Ready.  Hold your coffee.

*Does my best Dr. Evil voice*  $720 million.  That's $720,000,000 for you mathematicians.  

For some of you, that might not seem like that much.  In fact, the same Bersin & Associates report predicts that this represents one-half of the current total market potential.  That's right, $1.5 billion total market value. Now, as someone who works in the field of Employee Engagement, those seem like numbers that signal potential, so why do I feel so down?  

Because we're spending these dollars the wrong way and the worst part is: you'll probably continue to do so.

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